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By appointment only (Sat and Sun)

TCMOng Medicare was set up to provide professional traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) services, quality TCM products and public TCM education to anyone who would like to discover and experience an alternative and complementary treatment to your health needs. 

Based on the principles of balance, prevention, preservation, flow and holism, TCM supports the body natural ability to heal through the use of herbal formulations and acupuncture needles. 

TCMOng combines the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicare treatment with a public education mission, enabling our clients understand their body constitution and how TCM can help. 

Six solutions have been designed to be relevant to the needs of the urban global citizen with a modern hectic lifestyle:

  • Yin-Yang Balance is our flagship solution where we will walk through a body constitution analysis with you and suggest multiple ways in which you can use TCM in your life to achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle.     
  • Natural Immunity is a solution for you if you would like to strengthen your immunity to minor ailments and manage the environmental factors that cause you to fall ill or develop allergies.
  • Fertility Booster is for couples who are looking to conceive in a natural way with a customised solution depending on your body constitution and that of your spouse.
  • Fountain of Youth supports your desire to age gracefully through delaying symptoms of aging including dull complexion, hair loss and graying, presbyopia, forgetfulness and lack of energy.   
  • Weight Management tackles the modern issue of obesity and the prevention of its metabolic manifestations in terms of elevated blood pressure, cholesterol, fatty liver, diabetes and more.
  • Stress Relief is the perfect solution for relieving muscle tension, aches and pains through acupuncture treatment, cupping and acupressure massage. 

Currently, our services are offered by an English speaking physician and based on appointments only. If you are open-minded about what TCM can do for you, come talk to us to find out more!

Fees are affordable, starting from $32 per session for consultation and acupuncture treatment. You can also benefit from an individualised TCM formulation and supplementation regiment with an added cost best suited for your budget. 

Our Physicians

Physician Ong has a bachelor degree in Chinese medicine from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. He’s a certified TCM practitioner and acupuncturist since 2013.