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This is a self-assessment for TCM body constitution. There are about 60 statements and will take around 15 minutes to complete.

Ratings are
1: Never
2: Seldom / applicable less frequently than once a month
3: Sometimes / applicable less than once a week but more than once a month
4: Frequently / applicable at least once a week but not daily
5: Always / occur daily or all the time



1.Do you feel energetic?
2.Do you feel tired easily?
3.Do you speak with a soft and weak voice?
4.Do you feel moody or depressed?
5.Do you need to wear more layers than others in cold season or cold environment?
6.Can you adapt to external environment or societal changes´╝č
7.Do you get insomnia?
8.Are you forgetful?
9.Is your breathing shallow (always need to catch your breath)?
10.Do you experience heart palpitations?
11.Do you feel dizzy or faint when standing up?
12.Do you catch a cold more easily than others?
13.Do you like quietness, and prefer not to talk?
14.Do you perspire easily due to activity?
15.Do you have cold hands and feet?
16.Is your tummy or back afraid of cold?
17.Are you afraid of winter, air-condition or fan?
18.Do you feel unwell when you eat cold food or drink cold beverages?
19.Do you get a stomach upset when you eat cold food or drink cold beverages?
20.Do you have warm hands and feet?
21.Do you have hot flushes in your body or face?
22.Do you have dry skin or lips?
23.Do you have lips that are more reddish than others?
24.Do you have constipation or hard dry stools?
25.Do your cheeks or face get reddish easily?
26.Do you have dry eyes?
27.Do you easily feel thirsty?
28.Do you feel fullness in your chest or bloated tummy?
29.Do your entire body feels a sense of heaviness?
30.Do you have a soft and protruding tummy?
31.Do you have an oily forehead?
32.Do you have a protruding upper eyelid?
33.Do you have a sticky feeling in your mouth?
34.Do you have a lot of phlegm or blockage in your throat?
35.Does your tongue have a thick coating?
36.Does your nose feel or look oily?
37.Are you prone to acne or boils?
38.Do you feel bitter or a weird taste in your mouth?
39.Do you have sticky stools and a sense of incomplete bowels?
40.Is your urine warm and dark in colour?
41.(For ladies) do you have yellowish vaginal discharge? (For men) do you feel dampness in your crotch area?
42.Do you have patches of bruises unknowingly?
43.Do your cheeks exhibit red streaks?
44.Do you feel pains in your body?
45.Do you have dull complexion of dark spots on your face?
46.Do you have dark eye circles?
47.Is your lips dark in colour?
48.Do you get nervous or anxious?
49.Are you emotional or weak in emotions?
50.Are you easily frightened or fearful?
51.Do you feel a fullness kind of pain at the side of your torso (or breast pain for ladies)?
52.Do you sigh easily, even without reason?
53.Do you sense something in your throat that cannot be swallowed or spit out?
54.Do you sneeze even when not having a cold?
55.Do you have a block or runny nose not due to cold?
56.Do you have cough or cold-like symptoms when the weather changes or in the presence of odours?
57.Are you allergic to medicines, food, smells, pollen, seasonal or temperature changes?
58.Do you easily develop hives or itchiness in the skin?
59.Do you have skin becomes red or have scratch marks when scratched?
60.Do you experience purplish bruises or spots due to allergic reaction?